42 Birds


42 Birds

If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.

A response to the latest trend of in-house marketing, our agency started its own DTC company, a wellness brand called 42 Birds. We invested in everything from product manufacturing to warehousing to marketing. Instead of just starting a new department that claims to be the latest marketing expert in e-commerce or Amazon, we actually live it. In the marketing world today, it’s essential to practice what we ordinarily preach to our clients.


We wanted to create an agile environment where we could experiment without constraint.

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Developing, marketing, and distributing our own product allowed us to experiment to such a high degree that we learned how to become speed boats passing the bigger cruise ships in the night. 


For the agency, it was important to take people out of their comfort zone and force a new way of working in a world that is quickly being redefined by e-commerce.