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PLANET OAT — Oatmilk For All


Planet Oat — Oatmilk for all

When you’re trying to be something for anyone, it’s good to know what matters to everyone.

The non-dairy section of the supermarket has become cluttered, to put it mildly. With more options and new products being introduced than anywhere else in the grocery store, non-dairy has practically become a white-gold rush. And a confusing one, that comes with questions that consumers need answered before they purchase. So, we created a campaign that allowed us to explore all the angles of the non-dairy universe from taste to usage to ingredients, making sure everyone knew that anyone can get what they want with Planet Oat.

We introduced the product to the world by simply telling people what it is.

We told the story of what we are. And we ran it against a story of what we’re not.

We slowed it down, to make sure we were super clear.

And we sped it up for those who didn’t have time.