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PSU – Hello, Friend


Penn State — Hello, Friend

Telling one common story through 19 different lenses.

A Penn State diploma is a walk-on at many Fortune 500 companies out there. With 19 different commonwealth campuses statewide — plus World Campus, plus the main campus at State College — as a prospective student, you might be apprehensive about applying to one of the other campuses. We found that when we used a one-two punch of direct ads and personalized video content, we increased conversion 5.4x as compared to direct ads alone, proving once again, that a little humor goes a long way.

Each campus has its own unique flavor, story and idea. So the ads were made to be modular.

And over the course of 1 shoot day, we were able to get the content for 20 different stories.

PSU has said “hello” to record enrollment three years running.