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PSU – The World You're Going To Build


Penn State — The World You’re Going To Build

Shifting a 100 year old reputation
for the next 1000.

Penn State built its reputation as one of the best public universities. But at some point its athletic superiority superseded its academic excellence. We were challenged to bring back the original intent of the university: to educate those who will change their communities for the better, wherever they might find themselves.


With a new storytelling campaign, we asked talented and driven Penn Staters to talk about the reasons why they set out to solve a problem and make a difference in the world. We found that it was their “why” that truly set them apart.


To combat the single-minded view of Penn State, Decoded’s performance-based method found the right way to reestablish the call of PSU’s Land Grant: that service and academics are at the core of every Penn State student and those same students will shape our collective futures.

In the end, we saw record enrollment and we reinvigorated something deep within the Penn State community: that We Are Penn State.

The impact PSU made in the real world generated some impressive results: 14% higher brand favorability and a 21% increase in a uniqueness proposition among their most difficult of audiences.