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T-Mobile – 55+

Experimental Design yields unexpected executions.

When you have a strong brand identity, there’s always a question about how far you want to push it. Do you go with "if-it-ain’t-broke-let’s-not-upset-the-apple-cart-and-throw-glass-stones-and-break-a-mirror-and-get-seven-years-of-broken-glass-apples," or do you go to the data?


T-Mobile — 55+

Experimental Design yields unexpected executions.

As kids come off their parents’ mobile phone plans, newly-annointed 55+ Empty Nesters find themselves portrayed as a group of old, clueless, ED-pill loving grannies and grampies who should just be happy that their grandkids answer their calls. T-Mobile, never complacent with convention, challenged Decoded to reach this misrepresented audience with a new narrative to inspire them to get out there and do more.

Ignoring the typical tropes and imagery that would blend into the crowd – vacation photos and travel fodder – we pushed to see if there was another way to make the story pop. Experimenting with different looks, tones and feels, we developed an unexpected campaign for the brand and the audience, appealing to the still young at heart.

We went with the data. And it showed that when we introduced a new look to an audience who had seen it all before, it changed their point of view.


We proved that a little animation can go a long way for an audience that needed a break from lifestyle photos filling up their feed.


Really, all it took was a little bounce in their step.


And that fantastical world generated 225% more qualified leads.