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VISA – Money is Changing 2.0


Visa — Money is Changing 2.0

Millennial women are driving change in the conversation around money.

Continuing the success of the award-winning Money is Changing campaign, we wanted to take the next step from just recognizing the social mores around women and their relationship with money to actually helping them affect change. We shifted the platform to give women the tools, vocabulary, and confidence to make money work for them.

We pointed out the moments where change is possible, and gave them confidence that it can happen.

We set the pace with stories of real women in the film industry at its biggest time of the year.

We amplified women’s stories of change. (4) 2.gif

And we showed how Visa fit into her evolving world.

In addition to an increase in brand relevance, we saw innovation perceptions pop as well — without mentioning innovation once.